Six Things To Clean Before Bringing A New Baby Home

One of the most exciting times of an adult’s life is bringing home a newborn baby; however, before this happens, it’s important to clean and prepare your home  as effectively as possible for your new arrival. Newborns are so small that literally anything and everything can harm them and/or affect their immune system.

Here are the six most important things that should always be cleaned before your new baby comes home.

  • *Your flooring. If you have carpet in your home, steam clean it before bringing your baby inside. Regardless, the floor should always be swept and/or vacuumed and there should never be any kind of choking hazards anywhere on it.
  • *Dust everything, no matter what it is. This will prevent your baby from being exposed to all sorts of allergens.
  • *Your kitchen. This is the area in which you will prepare a lot of your baby’s nutrition, such as breast milk, formula, and bottles. Everything in this area should be cleaned as thoroughly as possible.
  • *Your nursery. No matter what, ensure that this entire area is spotless.
  • *Ensure that all linens are thoroughly washed.
  • *Make sure that your entire home itself is completely disinfected. This means that you should take the time to wipe down anything and everything.

Having a clean home(much like having a clean restaurant) is perhaps the most important thing that you can do before bringing a new baby into it, especially because they’re so new and literally anything can cause them to get sick. On top of that, they can also form the habit of wanting to put random objects into their mouths.

It’s also a good idea to allow your baby to sleep in a crib or bassinet in your bedroom for at least the first couple of months of their life. Never allow your baby to lay in the same bed with you, as this is extremely dangerous and can cause your baby to get injured or worse.guy-cleaning-wall

When laying your baby down, make sure that the entire area is free of any and all clutter, including stuffed animals and blankets, as this can cause them to suffocate if they were to turn their heads into these objects. Wrap your baby as snugly as you can in a blanket, which is a process that is generally taught to you shortly after you give birth at the hospital.

While your new baby will eventually start to build an immunity to things around them quickly, it’s still important to protect them from dirt and clutter. This is because, as previously mentioned, they are still new to the world and there are some things that can be rather harmful to them. Prior to your baby’s birth, either clean your home using our easy cleaning tips on your own or hire someone to do it for you.